All rooms are luxury suites and each room has the largest private swimming pool in Japan.
Please have a comfortable stay using our selected toiletries.


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Guest rooms offer the space and time where nobody can disturb you.
In all rooms, the scenery can be looked at from the largest private swimming pools in Japan.
The best location to enjoy one of the best cobalt blue sea views from the main island of Okinawa.

Guest room

Executive suite (for two persons)

Number of rooms:10 Bed size: 120cm x 200cm
Occupancy area:162m² Number of beds: 2
Room size: 70m²  

Oriental suite (for four persons)

Number of rooms:4 Bed size: 120cm x 200cm
Occupancy area:181m² Number of beds:4
Size of the room:100m²  

Room amenities

Air-conditioner, telephone, electric kettle, refrigerator, clock, LCD TV (46 inches), DVD player, LAN line, LAN cable, safety deposit box, coffee maker


Tooth brushing set, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, hand soap, bath salt, face towel, bath towel, hand towel, cotton swabs, cotton set, razor, hair brush, facial mask, hair dryer, dressing gown, bath robe, slippers, mouthwash, lap blanket (only in winter)

A moment of relaxation in a jacuzzi

Fine bubbles are blown out from the bottom of the bathtub to wrap your whole body, allowing you to fully enjoy a massage effect as well as body cleansing. The bath has a width of 1,820mm and a depth of 940mm, a size large enough to allow two people to comfortably stretch their legs in the tub.

The amenities and toiletries are also specially selected for a comfortable stay

Coffee maker

Because the machine can make one cup of coffee at a time, you can enjoy fresh and genuine coffee without wasting anything. Because it's a coffee brewed with a special machine, you can always enjoy the popular coffee froth. Please delight yourself with the taste of a freshly made coffee.

Swimsuit and towel warmer

A German DBK towel warmer is installed in each room. Pipes with inflammable oil are completely sealed and the oil is electrically warmed and circulates inside the pipes to warm them. An excellent product that makes your towels and swimsuits soft and fluffy at all times.


We prepare two types of slippers in the room: for men (brown) and for women (white). Soft and comfortable to wear, they remove the fatigue of the trip. You can take them home with you as souvenirs of the trip. We have a special bag for them, so please ask us.


Combed yarn made of soft and uniform 100% San Four Kin cotton is used for the loop part of the towels. It is a safely manufactured Japanese brand, processed in Imabari, the renowned towel production place in Japan, where the entire process, from designing and weaving to the production of the textile takes place.

Egyptian cotton GIZA 45 pajamas

Pajamas made of the top quality Egyptian extra-long staple cotton GIZA 45, of which only 650 tons are harvested per year, are provided in each room.

■What is GIZA 45?
Because it has a high fineness, a long staple and an adequate oil content, GIZA 45 is characterized by a moistened, and delicate and silky touch. Moreover, because GIZA 45 is picked by hand, it is collected without damaging the fibers. So compared to the ordinary textile products in the market, the characteristics of the original cotton (smoothness, whiteness, length of fibers, sheen) - a natural material, are reflected in its luster. GIZA 45 is made into a sheen product with a soft texture. The supplier of GIZA 45, the Swiss spinning company NEF (the factory is owned by SPOERRY) has an exclusive contract with the Ministry of Agriculture of Egypt for purchasing GIZA 45, offering a stable supply in Europe since 2000.


Our bedsheets are percale sheets: 100% cotton yarns with a cotton count of 40 are processed with a combing machine and cotton threads are completely removed to make a soft smooth texture. It is a high-density textile, with a smooth and silky touch, made by weaving a total of 240 yarns per inch - that is, 140 vertical yarns and 100 horizontal yarns, using a dobby loom. The entire bedsheet surface is pure white woven waffle consisting of 9cm squares, making the user relax through its simple and refined feeling.


The shampoo and hair conditioner are from the Spanish brand, Ainhoa. They contain 15% caviar, which has a composition very similar to that of the human skin, and this content is internationally the highest level. The shampoo and hair conditioners are loved by celebrities from all over the world. Please feel free to take any remaining ones with you when you leave.

Accommodation charge*We don't separately charge a service fee for any services we provide in our facilities.

*Charge for 1 person

One night, dinner and breakfast included
Room for 2 persons Room for 3 persons Room for 4 persons
70,000 yen 70,000 yen 70,000 yen
One night, breakfast included
Room for 2 persons Room for 3 persons Room for 4 persons
60,000 yen 60,000 yen 60,000 yen

*Consumption tax is charged separately.
*No service fee required.
*Persons over 13 years old can use the hotel facilities.
*This accommodation charge is as of October 1, 2013.




Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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