Questions about the Internet connection, room service, limousine service, wheelchair rental, rent-a-car arrangement, etc.


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Frequently asked questions

Main building

Is there a coin washer?
We don't have a coin washer. Please ask for the laundry service at the reception desk (paid service).
Is there a parking lot?
A parking lot is available (free of charge).
Is there an ATM?
Unfortunately, we don't have an ATM.
We recommend you to use a bank, post office or a convenience store located about 5 minutes from the hotel by car.
Do you have a library?
Yes, we do. Books, DVDs and CDs are available for rent. There are also computers with an Internet connection.

Guest room

Do you have non-smoking rooms?
All the rooms are non-smoking. However, smoking is allowed on the patio of each room.
Do you have an Internet connection in the room?
All rooms have an Internet connection. LAN cables are provided in each room.
However, because the Internet infrastructure of Onna village is not yet complete, an optical line connection is not available.
Can I enjoy CDs and DVDs in the room?
Yes, it is possible. All rooms have CD and DVD players.

Restaurant and bar

Is it possible to make a reservation beforehand at the restaurant?
Dinner is available only with a reservation. Therefore, please make a reservation beforehand. Inquiry form
Is room service available?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at room service. However, please understand that the room service menu is limited.
Can we take our children into the restaurant?
You can take your children into our restaurant for lunch. However, for dinner, only persons over 13 years old are permitted.


Do you provide a limousine service?
A courtesy limousine service is available between Naha Airport and the hotel. Inquiry form
Can I send my luggage before my arrival?

We will safely keep your luggage at the reception desk. Please send your luggage to us with your name and check-in date displayed on it.

■Address for sending the luggage
79-1 Serakaki, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture

Can I rent a wheelchair?
Wheelchair rental is available (free of charge).
Eight of the 14 rooms are designed complying with the New Barrier-Free Law. Therefore, the guests using wheelchairs can safely enjoy their stay at our hotel.
Can I rent a car at the hotel?
We can arrange a rent-a-car for you. The car is delivered to and returned from the hotel.Inquiry form
Can I make a reservation for the esthetic salon?
Reservations can be made beforehand.Inquiry form
Can I rent a swimsuit?
Unfortunately, we don't rent swimsuits. Swimsuits are sold at the shop in the hotel.
Can I rent a computer?
Unfortunately, we don't rent computers. Computers that can be used for browsing only are available in the library.
Do you have an icemaker?
No, we don't. In all rooms, ice cubes are in the refrigerators. Please contact the front desk if you need additional ice cubes(free of charge).


How long does it take from Naha Airport to the hotel?
Usually, it takes about 50 minutes on the Okinawa Expressway (highway) by car.
If you use the ordinary road (Route 58), it takes about 90 minutes.
How long does it take from the hotel to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium?
Usually, about 60 minutes by car.
Until when can we swim there?
As we have private swimming pools, you can swim throughout the year.
Usually, the most pleasant period for swimming in Okinawa is between April and October.
Do you have a private beach?
Unfortunately, we don't. Instead, we provide you with information on nearby beaches (about 5 minutes by car).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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