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Privacy policy

Oriental Resort Associates Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the Company"), in order to ensure the proper handling of personal information in the course of business, complies with the laws and the other related regulations regarding the protection of personal information, has established its own system and rules, and declares the intention to implement and maintain them.

(1)Prohibition of unauthorized information collection
Personal information shall be collected through legitimate and fair methods. Collecting information through unauthorized methods is prohibited.

(2)Prohibition of utilization other than for intended purposes
Personal information shall be used only within the scope of original intended purposes.
Using personal information beyond the scope necessary for the original intended purpose is prohibited.

When using personal information, due attention shall be paid to its safety control.
When safety cannot be secured, the input, output, saving, transfer, transmission and disposal of information is prohibited.

(4)Prohibition of provision of information to third parties
The Company prohibits providing personal information beyond the scope established by legislation to third parties or without the consent of the information owners. When entrusting personal information to a third party in the process of subcontracting or when jointly using personal information with a third party, the Company shall conclude a necessary contract with the third party concerned and take the necessary legal measures.

(5)Respect for the rights of the information owners
The Company is aware that the information owners, who are the sole owners of the personal information, have the right to disclose, correct or stop the usage of their personal information. Whenever there is a request from the information owner concerning these rights, we handle the request according to the procedure stipulated by laws.

■Matters concerning business

During the transactions involving the Company's facilities and products (accommodation, food and drinks, articles sold, providing and selling other supplementary items, providing services, holding special events, etc.) and other types of transactions (hereafter referred to as "the Transactions"), the Company collects personal information through the following methods:

■Matters regarding the purpose of usage

The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes:

■Matters regarding the disclosure of information

The Company manages personal information as accurately and as up-to-date as possible.
Only in case there is a request from the information owner, the registered information may be disclosed. Furthermore, in case there is a notification that the content is not accurate, the content shall be verified and if necessary, the information shall be added, changed, corrected or its usage will be suspended.

■Revision of the Privacy Policy

The content of the information presented here may be revised without prior notice due to revisions or abolishment of laws, changes in the social standards or other reasons.

November 1, 2006 Oriental Hills Okinawa

About Handling of Personal Information via the Website of Oriental Hills Okinawa

Oriental Hills Okinawa (hereafter referred to as "the Company") regards the information that may lead to the personal identification of individuals who use this website administered by the Company as a very important matter and handles it with great care.

In some cases, we may ask our customers to enter or send personal information on our website for providing certain services to them. The information received through our website is strictly managed based on the informative note regarding the handling of personal information issued by Oriental Hills Okinawa. Furthermore, the content of this website reflects the basic principles regarding the handling of personal information sent to our website, and in some cases it may be appended with new matters regarding handling of personal information, according to the services provided.

■Cases when we ask our customers to provide personal information

On our website, we ask our customers to enter or send personal information in the following cases:

■The purposes of usage of personal information

On our website, the personal information received from our customers will be used only in the following cases, and will never be used for purposes other than those for which the customers had provided the personal information.

■Scope of collecting personal information

Regarding the personal information received from our customers, the Company requests only the minimum necessary information for providing services, and does not demand any extra information beyond that considered the minimum necessary for providing services.

■Saving of personal information

The information received from our customers is saved only as a record for providing the services for which the customers requested, and will be deleted after a specific period.

■Providing and disclosing personal information

The information received from our customers is carefully handled, and will never be provided or disclosed to any third parties, except for the following cases:

■Security measures

For security of personal information, adequate safety measures are implemented from management/operation and system aspects, in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation and leakage of information.

■Personal information in linked destinations

On our website, in order to provide useful information and services to our customers, we link with websites of other companies and organizations. The Company has no responsibility regarding collection and handling of personal information through the linked websites. We kindly ask our customers to use those links based on their personal judgement.

■Contact for inquiries about handling of personal information on the website of Oriental Hills Okinawa

79-1 Serakaki, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture 904-0404


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