The reservation-only esthetic salon uses the Ainhoa brand, which contains a luxurious amount of diamonds and caviar.
You can enjoy the healing effects.


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Esthetic salon

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While awakening beauty within your skin, we invite you to sweet relaxation.

A spa menu designed to create beautiful skin from within, which uses the AINHOA brand loved by European celebrities, while enhancing the body's natural healing power. Essential oils are blended according to the body condition of each guest. We invite you to deep relaxation of the body and mind.

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AINHOA was started in Barcelona, Spain in 1994, and has produced many luxury hotels and spas since then. With natural ingredients that awake the inner power of the body, their products revive the power of life and give energy to each and every cell.

The esthetic programs offered at Oriental Hills use plenty of high-level caviar essence content. The treatment revitalizes the skin. Please experience the treatment and learn the reason why this brand is loved by celebrities from all over the world!

Spa suite

The esthetic salon rooms have wide private spaces, so that two persons can enjoy the treatment in the same room. You can enjoy the service by yourself or with your partner.

Music choice service

In order to relax during the treatment, we offer a music choice service. You can choose the music to listen to during the treatment from your smart phones or from our healing music list.

Jacuzzi service

A guest who reserves the treatment longer than 90 minutes can use the Jacuzzi in the esthetic salon free of charge.
Please make a reservation at least one hour before the treatment.

Male guests can also enjoy all the treatment courses.

Esthetic treatment menu

Head Spa

  • Head massage 30 minutes:3,000 yen
    Head massage with AINHOA essential oils.
  • Cream head massage 30 minutes:5,000 yen
    Hair treatment with cream containing several types of essential oils. The guests can choose carrot or aloe cream.
    *Please wash your hair by yourself after the treatment.
  • LUXE Caviar head massage 60 minutes:10,000 yen
    Treatment for the neck and shoulders following the lymphatic system.
    The caviar essence transforms dry hair in moistened hair. Also, it improves the dullness of the skin and a lifting effect can be expected.
    *Please wash your hair by yourself after the treatment.


  • Trial 60 minutes:12,000 yen
    Standard treatment only for the face.
  • Standard 60 minutes:15,000 yen
    Face, decollete and head treatment.
  • Healing stone 90 minutes:18,000 yen
    Face, arms, decollete and head treatment.
    Using rose quartz that brings deep healing and contentment. The gentle vibrations of the stone stimulate lymphatic circulation, and have an anti-aging effect.
  • AINHOA 120 minutes: 24,000 yen
    A luxury facial treatment course with high-concentrated caviar essence for the face, back, arms, decollete and head.
    (for the back and decollete parts: cleansing → diamond peeling → caviar treatment)


  • Aroma treatment 60 minutes:15,000 yen, 90 minutes: 20,000 yen, 120 minutes:25,000 yen
    You can chose from several oils according to your body condition and perfume preference, and the treatment is performed using the selected oil blend.
    *Head treatment is included in the 120-minute course.
  • Caviar treatment 60 minutes: 20,000 yen, 90 minutes: 25,000 yen, 120 minutes: 30,000 yen
    A treatment using both the AINHOA blended essential oils and the caviar beauty oil.
    *Head treatment is included in the 120-minute course.
    For the blend of essential oils, you can choose from the following 4 types:
     Active・・・・・Effective for cellulite, swelling, and sensitivity to cold
     Dynamic・・・・・Effective for sensitivity to cold, low metabolism and lack of appetite.
     Intensity・・・・・Effective for stiff neck, swelling and dullness
     Relax・・・・・Effective for sleeplessness and fatigue
  • ROSE 90 minutes:28,000 yen
    The rose oil that activates the skin through its rich nutrients is applied on the whole body from head to toes and a massage is performed. The damask rose oil is absorbed through the nostrils and gently enters the blood relieving daily stress, restoring the female hormone balance to make a supple and young bodyline.
  • Hot stone hot oil treatment 100 minutes: 28,000 yen
    A treatment with warm stones and oils.
    The basalt stones from Arizona, the U.S., that received energy from the ground, fire and earth, improve the blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Because the oil melted at a low temperature is gently absorbed through the skin, the effect lasts for a long time, enhancing the decomposition of cellulitis and accelerating fat burning.
    *For the hot massage oil, you can chose rose or passion blend.
  • Cellulite bandage 90 minutes:30,000 yen
    Using the AINHOA essential oils specially blended to heal each symptom, the lymphatic system is massaged, and the whole body is nurtured with a cream designed for eliminating toxins and enhancing fat burning. Then, a bandage with an excellent beauty effect is soaked in essential oils and wrapped around the legs.
    After enjoying supreme bliss, you will surely feel the effect of the treatment on your whole body.
    *The blend of essential oils can be chosen from the four types included in the caviar treatment above.

Original Program

  • Basic 150 minutes:30,000 yen
    Basic treatment for the face and whole body
    ・Body pack (you can choose clay or scrub wrap)・・・30 minutes.
    ・Aroma body treatment・・・60 minutes
    ・AINHOA facial trial・・・60 minutes
  • Power stones 180 minutes:40,000 yen
    Whole body treatment with power stones.
    It leads to deep relaxation, relieving physical fatigue and balancing the mind.
    ・Hot stone and oil treatment・・・100 minutes
    ・Healing stone AINHOA facial・・・80 minutes
  • Rejuvenation 180 minutes: 50,000 yen
    Treatment to rejuvenate your body.
    A course using plenty of caviar with its anti-aging effect on the whole body.
    ・Body pack diamond peeling・・・30 minutes
    ・Caviar body treatment・・・90 minutes
    ・AINHOA facial standard (head massage is performed during the pack)・・・60 minutes
  • AINHOA SPA LUXURY 220 minutes: 60,000 yen
    A course to restructure the body using rose and natural essential oils. In addition to external treating, it also relieves the inner tension of the body, providing plenty of internal energy.
    ・Body wrap diamond exfoliating・・・30 minutes
    ・Rose Bath・・・40 minutes
    ・Cellulite bandage or ROSE・・・90 minutes
    ・AINHOA facial standard・・・60 minutes
     *This treatment is available only with a reservation made at least one week before.
     Thank you for your understanding.
     *A cream head massage is included. Please wash it out by yourself after the treatment.


  • Jacuzzi bath 30 minutes
    If you make a reservation for treatment longer than 90 minutes, you can use the Jacuzzi in the esthetic salon free of charge.
    *To use the bath, please make a reservation at least one hour before.
  • Rose bath 40 minutes: 8,000 yen
    We fill the bath with an abundance of rose extract. The marine salt made in Brittany, France, which is the main ingredient of the ROSE BATHSALT, contains plenty of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur and selenium. Not only removing fatigue, it improves lymphatic circulation, and treats swellings and cellulitis. With an intense beauty effect on the skin, it creates a clear skin. Especially recommended for persons with dry skin. Please enjoy the scent of the rose petals floating in the bath and the rich beauty ingredients in ROSE BATHSALT.
    *This treatment is available only with a reservation made at least one week before.
     Thank you for your understanding.

Body Wrap

  • Scrub wrap 30 minutes: 8,000 yen
    A hot wrap that contains several types of Chinese herbal medicine and a Balinese scrub containing seaweed blend salt are used.
    Recommended for those wanting a slimming effect and enhanced skin power.
  • Clay wrap 30 min. 8,000 yen
    The clay wrap enriched with fruit acid gently removes skin impurities.
  • AINHOA diamond exfoliating 30 minutes: 14,000 yen
    Exfoliating cleanser containing diamond powder improves your skin texture to make it radiant.

  • Quick foot massage 30 minutes: 3,000 yen
    Sole massage using AINHOA essential oils.
  • Leg refresh massage 60 minutes: 5,000 yen
    Leg massage from the soles to knees using AINHOA essential oils.
  • Ice slim legs massage 90 minutes: 10,000 yen
    Recommended for persons concerned about swellings. The cooling seaweed pack has the effect of reducing fatigue caused by poor blood circulation.
    ・Quick foot massage ・・・30 minutes
    ・Lympha massage of the legs・・・30 minutes
    ・Ice slim leg wrap・・・30 minutes
  • Oriental foot massage 90 minutes: 13,000 yen
    Recommended for persons concerned about keratinous skin. After rinsing in the foot bath, keratinous skin is removed and a massage with aroma oils is done mainly on the soles and also up to the knees.


  • Facial
    ・Standard 60 minutes: 15,000 yen
    ・Healing stone AINHOA facial 90 minutes: 18,000 yen
  • Head
    ・Head massage 30 minutes: 3,000 yen
    ・Cream head massage 30 minutes: 5,000 yen
    ・LUXE caviar head massage 60 minutes: 10,000 y
  • Foot
    ・Quick foot massage 30 minutes: 3,000 yen
    ・Foot refresh massage 60 minutes: 5,000 yen

*All the shown prices don't include tax.
*Please understand that we may not be able to provide the service if you are in any of the following conditions:

Sick (including hungover, cold, extreme fatigue) Illness of internal organs, problems with circulatory organs Right after sunburn
During and after illness Extreme low or high blood pressure Atopic dermatitis, tendency to have keloids, allergic, having herpes
Osteoporosis Contagious diseases, infections, epilepsy Drunk


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